Welcome to Arb Inspect - Tree Risk Management Services Pty Ltd

  • Arb Inspect is an independent arboricultural consultancy with experienced qualified arborists.

  • Arb Inspect is committed to providing tree reports and advice on trees based on up-to-date information and research throughout Eastern Melbourne and the Yarra Valley.

  • Arb Inspect has no vested interest in any person or company that cuts down trees and is unbiased and objective in its assessments and recommendations.

  • Arb Inspect tree reports are guaranteed for their quality and acceptance by decision-making bodies of government and the courts. Paul Jones, Managing Director, has 30+ years of experience with trees and tree care.

  • Arb Inspect specialises and provides reports in Tree Risk Assessment, Pre-development Assessment (Preliminary Tree Reports), Tree/Construction Impact Assessment, Tree Protection & Management Plans and has provided tree consulting services to local government and powerline distribution companies.

Please contact us by clicking here or on mobile 0499 333 102.

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